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Welcome to Vegetarian Weight Loss Success, the website dedicated to helping veggies steer through the massive dieting and weight loss resources on offer, to help YOU make informed choices whatever your situation. Whether you need to lose weight fast or make slow sustainable changes, there are meat-free weight loss options open to you, and we show you how to find the products and information you need.

If you prefer the structure of a slimming club or pre-planned diet, we examine and test which ones are veggie friendly / provide alternatives and appropriate products, as well as the crucial support networks that help you achieve your own vegetarian weight loss success. We take all the guesswork out of it, so you are free to concentrate on getting those pounds off - whether ready for the beach, a big day, or simply a new and healthier you. And if you’re vegan or have other dietary considerations, we’ll take that into account too.

If you have ever wondered whether low carbohydrate diets can be adapted for vegetarians, how to design a safe and effective detox plan, or how to make vegetarian choices from branded weight loss ranges such as Atkins or Weight Watchers foods, we’ve done the research for you.

Similarly with ‘very low calorie’ (VLCD) total meal replacement products – the drastic way to slim – we review the pros and cons, what your options are as a veggie, and how to use these programmes safely and effectively on your vegetarian weight loss success journey.

Combined with delicious meat-free recipes designed to make eating more healthily come naturally, you will soon be sharing the secrets of successful veggie weight control. Our team pulls together the experience of committed vegetarians who have lost hundreds of pounds between them via countless different approaches, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Prepare to look and feel great..!

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