Raw Vegetarian Diet - the most natural way to lose weight?

raw food salad The raw vegetarian diet may be the vegetarianism's most extreme manifestation - eating only food in its raw or completely unprocessed / unheated state. A growing number of people consider that eating raw food is our most optimal way to eat and adopt 'living raw' as a full-on lifestyle. Others undertake occasional or periodic episodes of eating raw food to detoxify and remove the impurities prevalent in cooked food, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of detoxing to simply eat raw fruit and veg.

Still more people are looking at their health and wellness generally and simply trying to increase the levels of raw food in their diet overall, whether by including big leafy salads every day or having a fruit smoothie for breakfast etc. As well as being great for weight loss, a high raw vegetarian diet is healthy for the heart and digestive system, and a great way to ensure a wide range of vitamins and minerals are consumed, especially if you are restricting your calories to try and lose weight.

Many raw fooders are in fact vegan rather than vegetarian, but you can incorporate both dairy and eggs into a raw vegetarian diet. For dairy produce to be truly raw it needs to be unpasteurised, which is difficult to find, and has to carry a health warning when sold in the UK as it 'may contain harmful bacteria' according to the Food Standards Agency. Certainly it has a shorter shelf life than pasteurised milk and must be refrigerated carefully, obviously the same applies to cheeses etc made from it. Raw eggs should only be consumed if certified organic and salmonella free - most vegetarians who care about animal welfare are very careful to choose organic free range eggs in any case - but they can be a great source of extra protein on a vegetarian raw food diet.

A raw food diet can also overlap with your low carb diet provided you watch the consumption of sweet fruits. Long term raw eaters learn to eat high proportions of dark green leafy veg every day, as the best source of nutrients.But is it truly a safe and nutritious way to eat? We look at some of the arguments for and against as well as some useful sources of advice and support to help you plan a raw food weight loss or detox programme safely and successfully.

Preparing raw food for every meal takes some planning and getting used to, and there are lots of unusual pieces of kitchen equipment you can get too to help you. And because whatever your lifestyle, every one of us could benefit from eating a lot more raw food in our diet, we include some delicious and easy to prepare raw food recipes for you as well, and none of these require any more specialist equipment than a blender/food processor.

Raw food preparation - uncooking! - is a subject of hundreds of books and recipes, it is amazing just what can in fact be created without applying heat to food, and there are many great resources to help you if you want to find out more, such as those found at Raw Food Detox Resources which lists hundreds of tempting beautiful and HEALTHY recipe books amongst other things.

We are going to be investigating the raw food diet in more depth later in the year as well as bringing you a wider range of seasonal raw recipes that every vegetarian can enjoy to lose weight healthily. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter so you don't miss out!

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