Do you need a raw food coach..?

Whether you opt to hire a raw food coach, or simply select from the information and literature for yourself, chosing to eat raw in a 'cooked' world isn't easy, and there are a number of sources of support and information out there to help you steer through. It can be a real challenge to balance your diet healthily over the longer term, particularly ensuring you get sufficient protein and essential fatty acids as well as critical trace nutrients like vitamin B12.

Karen Knowler Karen Knowler is "The Raw Food Coach" and former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation. She has 16 years of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, and has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods for over a decade. She has lectured around the world, authored and co-authored numerous keynote works on raw food. Within the raw food movement Karen's most powerful work includes the development of a unique set of "Raw Coaching Models" which outline the raw food journey inside and out and which form the basis of all Karen's work. Karen’s extensive knowledge and experience of all issues relating to raw food eating, as well as her accessible, positive and inspiring take on “eating for energy” make her the most sought-after raw and living foods expert in the UK today. Her website offers a tremendous range of information and different levels of support to help you investigate and transition to a raw food lifestyle, and if you are considering getting a coach Karen is the gold standard.

For a different approach, Shazzie is a UK based raw food goddess who has written and published on raw food / living food for years, and has special interests in superfoods and specifics of nutrition. Whilst her work as a raw food coach is now curtailed by raising a beautiful raw daughter, her wisdom is distributed in daily or monthly emails, and her websites contain a fabulous wealth of information on life, love and raw food. She has researched and written particularly about raw food nutrition for babies and children, and the optimal way to be a parent in a raw food lifestyle, as well as seeking out an amazing range of superfoods from around the world to create her 'ecstatic' raw detoxed lifestyle.


In the US, and online world-wide, Living and raw food has a tremendous database of recipes, articles and information for raw fooders or those experiementing with different levels of raw food in their diet, as well as a lively free forum, and the webmaster John Koehler offers one to one telephone raw food coaching at an accessible price as well.

Again worldwide, there are numerous forums and groups online offering free advice and support, and this one at yahoo. Feel free to seek out others that resonate for you, but be careful at yahoo in particular as for some reason a huge number of groups seem to be devoted to raw food nutrition of domestic pets - which probably isnt' quite what you're looking for... However if investting in a coach feels like a step too far at present, whilst you are just investigating the options raw food offers as a vegetarian weight loss tool, you can find a great deal of peer support through bulletin boards like this.

Be warned though, the raw lifestyle has a way of appealing to people far more than they might initially anticipate - and you could find yourself back for more support and community soon!

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