'So who are you and how did you end up with this website?'

Thanks so much for reading, and clicking through to this page.

My name is Daisy, and I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of Spain, Javea on the Costa Blanca, which we have loved for years but only recently taken the plunge and decided to call home. My other half and I moved out here in 2008 with two kids, two laptops and one cat, and we don't ever want to go back to the UK!

We love the lifestyle here, the sunshine, the family-focussed and laid-back culture, being part of an international community - we really think it's the perfect place to raise our daughters. It's a small, friendly town where people talk to their neighbours and look out for each other, and we have amazing beaches 5 minutes away. The girls have settled brilliantly at their school, are moving rapidly towards being bilingual, and are spending their evenings and weekends swimming and mountain walking and playing sports, whilst their freckles continue to spread across their noses!

Sounds pretty idyllic, right? Well, yeah - it pretty much is. It's not as straightforward as it was in London being a vegetarian I have to admit - whilst delicious fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant and cheap, vegetarianism as a concept is quite poorly understood, and the Spanish do love their 'jamon' on just about everything! At least one area of my Spanish language is coming on well, I can now negotiate something edible in most restaurants - and I have made some wonderful vegetarian friends since I've been here.

But the only real mosquito in the ointment, so to speak, has been the old bugbear of finance - our consultancy work for a UK firm is done in Sterling which has plummetted in value against the Euros we now use to buy stuff... and prices are rising as fast here as they are everywhere else.

So I was racking my brains to think of a way to make a little extra cash so we could stay here. Where we live is a fantastically entrepreneurial culture, there are people here with really creative ideas for business and services, but I had no time or money to invest in a local Spanish business - especially at a time when I see so many good people running into real trouble, in an area so dependent on tourism and Northern European currencies. It just wasnt the right moment to open that much-needed vegetarian restaurant, I needed to be realistic and resourceful.

I knew the answer lay online somewhere, in the huge raft of internet information - researching and planning my family relocation had taught me so much, about the power of seeking and finding out information, and how valuable one person's knowledge and experience can be to someone else who needs to know what they know. But I found trying to find out about making money online a depressing experience, wading through so much non-credible 'get-rich-quick' rubbish that just insulted my intelligence, or would have forced me to get involved in things that felt wrong to me me like spam or selling to friends etc.

I thank my lucky stars that at this moment, I stumbled across "Site Build It!" which I can honestly say has changed my life - by enabling me to unlock the knowledge and passion that I had about vegetarianism, combined with the learned-the-hard-way lessons about weight loss (did I mention one of the other things I love about life in Spain, the endless social eating and drinking..?) My 'other life' was in a completely unrelated field and I would never have dreamed I could create a website, that would have people from around the world visiting it and sending me lovely emails and feedback, never mind actually MAKING ME MONEY (when they click on the ads, sign up for a slimming club, etc).

Site Build It! has taught me so much, but made it all so do-able and achievable, with the right information and support at every step on the journey - I have actually written a whole page about it already because I think it's so amazing - before I discovered it I was a competent user of the internet AS A USER only, I had never dreamed of having a website or an online business - I was just trying to consider ways to make some money out of the stuff I really knew about.

As a vegetarian for over a decade, a 'brilliant cook but only of veggie stuff' (quote from my highly unbiased 9 year old daughter!), and having learned so much about weight gain and loss through battling a thryoid condition and a sheer love of good food, it should have been staring me in the face... but SBI helped me to identify the 'niche' area of knowledge where I had something to contribute to the world, and gave me the tools to get it out there and be found. I have learned such an incredible amount, when I thought I didn't have time to learn new skills. I am so grateful for that!

Because it's made the difference - we're still here. I can work on my day job, work on this site - even kid myself that testing recipes on friends and picking their brains about diets is somehow work! - and still spend time with my kids every day after school. I still don't have the figure I want to slip into a bikini again, and perhaps if I wasn't building this site my Spanish would have improved beyond "┬┐Tiene usted algo para una vegetariana?", but on the other hand maybe we would have failed financially and headed for home like so many do.

Instead I am seeing income growing - slowly, steadily, but passively, pages I now wrote months ago are quietly bringing in genuine income - and I am able to use that to help my girls... who naturally think money for sports kit and riding lessons grow on the palm trees outside, and adore their life in Spain.

But that's enough about me - thanks for reading - and I sincerely personally recommend you check out SBI! if you are even the slightest bit curious.... You can read my about SBI! page, or go straight over to Solo Build It! itself to see what they have to say - it doesn't matter whether you're a parent trying to stretch the household income a bit further or if you're thinking about retirement or a new stage in life and want to focus on the things you love... Or perhaps you already have a local business and simply need a website that WORKS and brings you genuine pre-qualified local traffic without spending a small fortune, I invite you to find out for yourself why I think Solo Build It is just so great.

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