A healthy detox diet - the natural route to vegetarian weight loss

The idea of a healthy detox diet, and the concept of detoxifying and purifying the body is nothing new. Many traditional cultures recommend routine cleansings to mark the changing of years and seasons, and indeed most major religious incorporate some kind of annual cleansing or fasting period, to purify and spiritualise the bodies and minds of aherents. In today's society the 3 day detox diet or a fruit juice detox diet etc, seems to have replaced the lengthy biblical fasts and abstensions - but then we all want a fast track to our goals these days!

Indeed the 21st century the need to cleanse is arguably greater than ever, given that we live in an environment laden with airborne pollutants, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other toxins. Undertaking a healthy detox diet is a way of reconnecting with a simpler and less unnatural age. But how does this connect with vegetarian weight loss?

Well, for a start, many of the healthiest detox plans are laden with fresh produce, for example a brown rice detox diet or a juice fast, and most detox experts recommend the avoidance of meat altogether for a specified period. So it's a great fit, because us veggies are already halfway there on this one! You will find some commercial detox programmes available that incorporate lean chicken and fish but these are easy to adapt for vegetarian needs by simply swapping in appropriate protein sources, as we are accustomed to doing all the time anyway.

There are numerous programmes, plans and treatments you can engage to support your vegetarian detox, including those that aim to 'fat flush' and other drastic sounding processes, but the detox diet basics are pretty straightforward and easy to implement without requiring any special foods or products. You do however need to be aware of the effects and side effects you may encounter on as you cleanse and detoxify.

Although typically associated with austerity and strict regimes, there are plenty of really tasty detox diet recipes that won't leave you feeling the slightest bit deprived or under-nourished, and there are numerous detox treatments and detox supplements which can help you feel even more cleansed and purified during your detox programme.

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