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Is there any real need to take 'detox supplements'? A detoxification programme ought really to be about what you take OUT of your diet, not about adding things in! Don't forget, it makes no difference whatsoever popping 'detox pills' down your throat unless you do the hard stuff and cut out the alcohol, caffeine, dairy, wheat etc.

There are any amount of commercially available 'detox-in-a-box' products, containing various supplements that may support your intentions, but many are outrageously pricey and some make frankly dubious claims about weight loss etc. Whilst there are a number of genuine herbal remedies that can support the organs of your body as you cleanse, we would urge you to read and choose carefully.

Specific points to consider:

  • What's in it? Look at the list of potential detox supporters below, local recommended daily amounts and compare to the ingredients list on the box. Some herbal products can have harmful effects in larger quantities, and others may interfere with prescription or other medication, so check with your healthcare provider if you are taking anything else regularly
  • What about the other ingredients? A lot of weight-loss oriented 'detox programmes' contain diuretics to promote fluid loss, and sometimes even include caffeine, which seems directly contrary to the entire detox ethos! Others may contain sugars or yeast - there's not much point cutting these things out of your food, then consuming in a detox supplement!
  • What's the cost? Think about your budgetary priorities. Good quality supplements DO cost a lot and can be worth paying for, but if cash is tight you would probably be better off investing in better quality organic fresh produce, and getting your nourishment from real food rather than capsules. Sadly when it comes to detox supplements, cost does not always relate to quality or quantity of ingredients.
  • Is it vegetarian? Many supplements designed to support nutrition contain fatty acids derived from fish, and yet more are produced in gelatin capsules. Again, read the labels carefully!

So, with your healthily sceptical blinders in place, what should you look for when choosing detox supplements? You should speak to a qualified herbalist before making any decisions, but if you are choosing over the counter products then the following ingredients are worth noting:

  • Goldenseal - said to soften the stool and tone the bowel wall
  • Cascara - natural diuretic and and laxative
  • Psyllium - a natural bulking agent / fibre source
  • Slippery Elm and marshmallow root - sooth the colon and help prevent irritation and reaction to changes in the diet
  • Aloe Vera - cleansing, soothing and promotes bowel regularity
  • Senna - powerful herbal laxative
  • Artichoke - contains caffeoylquinic acids, which help bile production and fat digestion
  • Hydrangea, juniper and nettle all helps support kidney function, as does burdock
  • Milk thistle is most often recommended to support the liver, which is the primary organ of detoxification
  • Dandelion root also helps the liver and kidneys,

    Any dark berry fruit contains densely packed nutrients, and all are worth taking as supplements - new ones are coming to the marketplace all the time, and can enhance not only your detox programme but also your general wellbeing

    Sunsteen Mangosteen Supplement

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