Detox products and treatments

There are a great many detox products and treatments that can help you get the maximum benefit from your detox programme - as well as helping to ease you through the side effects, and make you feel cleansed and comfortable.

foot patches

Many people find their detox is accelerated by using 'detox pads' - these are little self-adhesive dressing pads that you fix to the soles of your feet overnight, which contain strong natural herbs like eucalyptus and tourmaline, to absorb toxins through the skin whilst you sleep. Users find that over the course of a couple of weeks, the initial dark colour the pads have reached by morning actually gets lighter, indicating a lower level of toxins to be excreted. Also people report these detox products helps to regulate sleep, especially if you are finding your nights disrupted by detox effects. Amongst the VWLS the jury is still out on this - some people find no noticeable effect, others swear by them... overall though it certainly doesnt appear that they can cause you any harm at all, and if there is any chance that they're hastening your detox programme, why not give them a try?

body brush Body brushing also helps your body to detox and feel healthier, by speeding up the turnaround of your skin cells - the skin is actually a major organ of excretion and detoxification. Body brushing also stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Choose a medium-bristle brush, and work in small circular movements, starting at the extremities and working towards the heart. If you brush the abdomen, work in a clockwise direction along with your large intestine. Generally the face and breasts are too sensitive for body brushing though you may be able to use a different softer brush. Body brushes are simple, low-cost detox products that you can use long-term, and will always make your skin glow so you look and feel great.


Massage is wonderful during a detox. Flooding your digestion with clean pure food stirs up all the toxins lurking deep in your cells, and the sooner you get them OUT of your system the sooner you will feel well again. Firm, stimulating massage helps your body's natural healing lymph system to move all the nastiness out to be excreted, as well as soothing any aches and pains you are experiencing as side effects of your programme. Although rarely advertised as specific 'detox products', if you discuss your detox with your qualified massage practitioner they should be able to help you choose the most effective treatment for your symptoms and desired outcomes.

Treatments involving wraps are more likely to be marketed as detox products however, as they are often designed to help remove impurities directly through the skin. Many contain agents such as seaweed or mud, which are applied directly to the skin and then soaked or scrubbed off. This leaves the skin in great condition and many report great outcomes of inches lost - although hydration may play a part in this loss, it can be great before a special night out.

A cheaper detox product to use at home which has a a similar effect is epsom salts - adding generous quantities to your bath (keep your hair and face out). To maximise the benefit dont towel off too firmly, just wrap up cosily afterwards and keep warm - you may find you want to sleep soon and soundly afterwards - and shower off in the morning.

All of the above treatments are, if nothing else, pleasant and relaxing... not necessarily words one would apply to another popular detox product / treatment: colonic irrigation. This involves having your rectum and colon gently and systematically flooded with warm water, to rinse away ancient and impacted toxins that may be impeding your detox.

Many practitioners insist that a course of colonics offers tremendous health benefits, and should be a regular part of our preventative health programme. A lot of vegetarians who have eaten animal products in the past feel emotionally and internally 'cleaner' to know that any by-products of meat digestion which can quite literally be still lurking deep in their guts are flushed away once and for all. A course of around 4 initial treatments is generally proposed, followed by maintenence treatments every few months. Lots of people report feeling lighter and cleansed afterwards, and indeed there are examples of people with badly impacted guts - surely not veggies! - literally losing several pounds and even inches off their distended waistlines within a few treatments. Stablising of bowel conditions such as IBS and constipation is a frequent outcome, and many people find that other toxicity symptoms, such as problem skin, are eased by approaching the problem from the other end as it were...

If the thought of having it all flushed out of you is attractive enough to overcome the idea of the process itself, you should

choose your practitioner carefully - for example in the UK choose one who is registered and qualified Correctly and carefully administrated, most people find the process far less unpleasant and embarrasing than they anticipated, and also side effects are rarely reported... there are however schools of thought that you interfere at your peril with the bacterial balance of your intestines, and as with any internal treatment the hygiene and sterlization standards must be of surgical level. There are medical contraindications, that your qualified practitioner should discuss with you thoroughly.

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