Vegetarian Detox Principles

Detox principles are pretty straightforward to understand. Nobody likes to think about harmful toxins accumulating in their body - but just consider everything we put into and onto our bodies these days... from the food we eat to the air we breathe, the products we rub onto our skin etc, all are full of chemicals that our bodies are not designed to cope with and digest and assimilate.

As these toxins build up in the body, they can create a range of physical symptoms. Exactly what can be attributed to environmental toxins is widely disputed by the medical experts, but a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that a healthy vegetarian detox diet can create great improvement with the following:

* headaches

* aches and pains

* allergies and sensitivities

* premenstrual symptoms

* fatigue and sluggishness

* gastrointestinal problems, including colitis and irritable bowel syndrome

*immune weakness and repeated infections

Many people also believe that eating a cleansing detox diet can prevent and even treat life-threatening conditions such as cancer and cardivascular disease, and are inspired to incorporate detox principles in their daily life of healthy choices. Think about it - the advent of such disease conditions as diabetes, cancer etc coincide with our increasingly toxic lifestyles, where we consume more chemicals in and on our food, eat increasingly refined and unnatural products, consume more stimulants and sedatives and other pharmaceuticals. Such conditions are also are also unknown in wild species - although they are emergent in domesticated pets and farm animals, incorporated into our toxic human lifestyles.

So how can you make changes? Well, for vegetarians the basics are easy. Here are some simple detox principles, that will not only help you lose weight, but you could feel and become far healthier besides...


* As well as avoiding meat and fish, remove all dairy and egg from your diet.

* Cut out refined sugar, wheat, and all refined or processed foods.

* Eliminate all alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other drugs from your diet as far as possible (but do NOT cut out any prescription medication without support of your practitioner)

* Eat a wide range of fresh, preferably organic, fruit and veg every day, as many raw or lightly cooked as possible

* Start each day with a drink of hot water, lightly acidified with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

* Drink plenty of water, to help your kidneys flush toxins away easily. Plan to drink 2 or 3 litres every 24 hours, spread evenly through the day.

* Eat a portion of short grain brown rice daily - this helps to scour the digestive tract of impacted toxins

* Eat either apples or onions daily, as a source of quercetine, to assist the elimination of uric acid, responsible for pain and inflammation.

* Get sufficient protein in your diet, from as lightly-processed sources as possible - eg unsalted nuts and seeds, beans, a little non-dairy cheese (eg goats' cheese). Tofu is highly refined but a good source of protein and easily digested in small quantities.

* Take a supplements to support your liver to cleanse thoroughly - these include milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke

If you follow these basic detox principles you WILL lose weight, and become healthier.

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