Low-GI Vegetarian Cookbook

low GI vegetarian cookbook

Investing in a low-GI vegetarian cookbook is a great idea, because the rules for low GI eating can be fairly complex to apply successfully to a diet consisting mainly of low-density carbs and natural foods.

This book clearly shows you how simple, mouthwatering and exotic low GI vegetarian food can be, combining flavours from around the world to create stunning meals - many of which are lavishly photographed throughout this beautiful book, which would make a thoughtful and unusual gift for any foodie friend whether vegetarian or not.

Certainly the emphasis here is on delicious and exciting meals, and the health benefits of their being vegetarian and low GI are almost incidental, in that nothing in this book feels self-sacraficing or deprivational! Indeed many are very suitable for entertaining, and your guests would never know you are on any kind of weight loss programme, they'd simply compliment your wonderful talents as a host as they tuck into aromatic, flavourful and unusual dishes, with the emphasis on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavour combinations.

There is much to interest vegans here, and indeed pulses are used extensively as a great low GI vegetarian protein source - and the author is pragmatic about the use of tinned and precooked versions. Rose Elliot has a great communication style and her love for food and flavour shines through in all these recipes, which also contain extensive nutritional information. She genuinely knows her stuff and it shows. This book was originally published under the title of 'Fast, Fresh and Fabulous' back before the term Low GI was widely understood, and it remains a superbly appropriate subtitle.

Just to whet your appetite further, here are the names of some of the recipes included:

  • Thai beancakes
  • Red Onion and Goat's Cheese Tart
  • Millet with Peppery Leaves and Avocado
  • Chunky Oven-Baked Ratatouille
  • Morroccan chickpea casserole

  • Some of the recipes do contain potatoes and other higher-GI items in varying quantities, but there is expert guidance on food combining and meal planning, as well as ideas for meals ranging from fast family meals to elaborate dinner parties that would delight your non-vegetarian guests equally. There are also sections on how to follow the low GI vegetarian diet in pregnancy and with a young family.

    All in all an excellent investment for anyone, who ticks any of the following boxes - vegetarian, trying to lose weight, loves food and cooking, interested in a low GI approach.

    If you tick all 4, why haven't you already got this Low-GI Vegetarian Cookbook on your bookshelf, or coffee table, already..?

    low-GI vegetarian cookbook

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