A Low Glycemic Food List

low GI bread

A low glycemic food list can help you make choices between one food option and another, and in so doing significantly reduce the overall glycemic load of a meal - often without really making a big difference to the taste and satisfaction. Remember adding any low glycemic food to a meal lowers the glycemic index of the meal overall. It's an easy, 'no brainer' way to feel fuller for longer, and get a head start on any vegetarian weight loss plan.


    Low GI = 55 or less
      Medium GI = 56-69
        High GI = 70 or more

        High GI food ... and a Low GI substitute
        Weetabix breakfast cereal (74) or Cornflakes (80) All-Bran (30-50) or rolled oats (50)
        Bagel (72); Baguette (92) Soya and linseed (32) or pumpernickel (46)
        White rice, short grain(83-87) Long grain white rice (50) or brown rice (50)
        Mashed white potato (73-80) Sweet potato (48) or yam (35)
        Rice cakes (87) (so much for the dieter's best friend!) corn chips (42) or oatmeal crackers (55)
        Baked beans in tomato sauce (around 56) red lentils (21), chickpeas/garbanzos (42)
        Pretzels (83) mixed nuts ( 13-30)
        Scones (92) spongecake (46)
        Icecream (60-70) custard (35)

        IMPORTANT - just because an item is suggested as an alternative above doesnt constitute a recommendation that this is necessily a good weight loss diet food! Simply that, in the low glycemic food list, it emerges as possible alternative for a food that will cause your blood sugar to spike, and that all things being equal, the alternative will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Think about all things being equal in terms of calorie intake and you will be on the right track - and that means a much smaller portion of nuts than of pretzels I'm afraid.

        The best way to use this low gycemic food list is to make substitutions in things that you already use - eg, choosing a long grain rice over short, or a wholegrain bread over white. These are easy, painless ways to incorporate more low-gi foods into your daily life.

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