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Online Slimming Club

he Online Slimming Club is a great value, flexible and easy to operate club that operates worldwide online (in English but geographically unrestricted). It's a great alternative if you want the benefits of a slimming club but without the time, travel and expense of attending a group, or the embarrasment of being weighed in public!

Their popular diet programs have been developed by qualified nutritionists and benefit from the practical input of people with real life slimming experience. They've successfully combined the very latest dietary, programming and design technology into a winning weight loss formula, and continuously strive to update and improve the services we provide our members. The site is clean, unfussy and reliable - which is pretty much what you want your weight loss programme to be, in our opinion..!

Online Slimming Club diet Before joining you complete a 'free diet profile', based on your age, activity level, height and weight, and at which point you can indicate your vegetarian preferences. The Online Slimming Club then advises you of your personalised calorie target and how to use the online resources to achieve your goals successfully. There is a large library of recipes with plenty of vegetarian and vegetarian-option choices, and you can add these to a daily food diary to track your fat and calorie intake against your suggested target, making it easy to see if you are on track. Outside their recipes you can stay on track using the calorie-counted meal builder, so you can work out the calories and fat in any serving of any particular food to input into your diary - complete with warnings if you are in danger of exceeding your daily target allowances!

Online Slimming Club forum

The Online Slimming Club endeavours to create the same kind of interactivity a weekly group meeting provides, and offers lively chatrooms and message boards so you can get peer support on your weight loss journey. There is a weekly weigh-in facility that builds to create a personal progress information history, including current weight, target weight, weight loss required to reach your chosen target, total weight loss so far, estimated time remaining to target weight, estimated date you should reach your target weight, body mass index, etc. But as well as all the hard scientific stuff you get a a reward certificate with every half stone you annihilate, plus nice 'trophy cabinet' where you receive swirly gold and silver trophy icons when you consistently lose at your weekly weigh-ins (rumour has it they disappear if you gain weight!)

Online Slimming Club exercise As well as diet, for accelerated weight loss and wellbeing, the Online Slimming Club provides fitness and exercise tips and a comprehensive bank of information to help you change your lifestyle permanently and raise your fitness, keeping the weight off for good.

There is also an online shop offering everything from pricey exercise gear to food supplements, as well as the new and hugely successful 'diet plates' which make portion control a piece of low-fat and low-calorie cake. Delivery appears to be worldwide for most items.

All in all the Online Slimming Club offers a good value - try it for a month for 30 Euros (15 per month thereafter, or annual discount) - and comprehensive service, with fewer of the big name frills yet still everything you need to achieve your vegetarian weight loss goals.

The Online Slimming Club

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