Rosemary Conley slimming clubs

The Rosemary Conley slimming club's unique selling point is that it places equal emphasis on exercise as on dieting. This means healthy success fast! The dietary emphasis is on low GI, low fat and portion control, using their trademarked Rosemary Conley Portion Pots to simplify all that weighing and measuring. Dieters are set individualised calorie intake targets based on age, gender and current weight.

A wide range of calorie and fat counted recipes are available, some free ones on the website and countless more through the magazines, plan publications and cookery books. A significant proportion of these are vegetarian and many have vegetarian options - eg replace the chicken with quorn chunks - making the plan very accessible to us veggies, not least as the low-gi approach includes lots of high fibre fresh veggies and whole grains. There are range of bespoke food products, available in a range of UK supermarkets, and also a new low-gi nutrition bar available from the online shop.

Their online shop is very diverse, with everything from kitchen equipment like scales and steamers to firming moisturisers, exercise equipment and DVDs (including a bizarre-looking facial exerciser!) and the various publications and subscriptions on offer.

Rosemary Conley find a class If you live in the UK you can join a local group, and attend weekly sessions that include motivational talks, a 'discreet' weigh-in and calorie advice, and they also give out certificates for 'Slimmer of the Week'. This is followed by a 45 minute' exercise to music' aerobics class designed to be accessible to dieters at all levels of fitness, to burn fat and tone the body

If you are outside the UK there are two options, Rosemary Conley Online or Rosemary Conley at home.

The online club offers loads of recipes, AND includes a specific diet plan for vegetarians! There are personal trainers offering online support to help you incorporate an exercise programme, and a forum and live chat to help recreate the 'group' support experience. They encourage a buddying-up system and the use of nicknames for privacy. They help you stay motivated with milestone weight-loss certificates, a monthly emag and challenges. There are lots of weight loss articles and advice about special occasions and holidays, and plenty of progress charts to track your weight and inch loss.
You get a set of portion pots and a tape measure with your membership, as well as discounts from the online shop. Membership costs vary depending on whether you commit to one month, 3 months or 12 months, and there are often discount codes available online, but currently to try the club for one month will cost you £34.24 including a £24.25 joining fee.

The other option is called 'at home' - this is a pack priced at £39.99 for UK orders - overseas prices are available on phone consultation. You get a generous pack of goodies to help you get going, including a pedometer, workout DVD, portion pots, the Gi Hip and Thigh Diet book, a tape measure, resistance band for exercising, and vouchers to use if you decide to try either a club or the online resource.

They are also seeking new consultants, who operate the programme as a franchise and receive comprehensive training and support.

So? Yes! vegetarian-friendly choice that evidently gets results. It's a big thumbs-up from Daisy and the VWLS team Rosemary!

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