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Slimming World is a long established weight loss programme, offering a range of ways to get involved and try the plans. They also produce a bi-monthly magazine which can be subscribed to for delivery worldwide.

They recommend you join a regular weekly group run by their trained consultants, who will help you track your weight loss and personal progress with a range of tools and publications, in a supportive and moderated group setting. There are tools on the site to find the group nearest you. Some of Slimming World's branded products such as their 'hifi' bars are only available direct from their consultants at the groups. However the group structure is only available in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Slimming World provides a special 'green' route through their bespoke Food Optimising programme which is ideal for vegetarians. There is a free sample week's menu available on their site so you can try it out, including recipes for Quorn cottage pie, Lemon mousse, Pasta quiche and even Slimming World chips!

slimming world, food optimising However if you are outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, hate the group idea or are simply too busy, you can still join the club and follow the programme through their new online programme Body Optimise.

This gives access to various online tools including a weight tracker (with friendly weekly reminders to update it!), a food diary, support guides via pdfs, and personalised help and advice to achieve your goals. There is motivational support on offer, and an online recipe book with over 1400 meals (and more to purchase in hardcopy).

They specifically do NOT provide a forum on their site, out of a concern to ensure no misinformation or misguided and unsupportive remarks. They prefer to stick with the carefully researched advice and information offered by their experienced team as a source of support under their own brand.

They place great emphasis on a safe and achieveable target for any overweight person, to lose and maintain the loss of 10% of the starting body weight - there is a special club to recognise this achievement online. They also recognise the importance of exercise in promoting weight loss, and provide a pogramme called Body Magic to help you combine the two elements of dieting and exercise successfully and safely.

The cost to join the online service is £19.95, though there are often special offers waiving or reducing the membership fee. The regular monthly subscription cost is £20 (paid in quarterly chunks).

If you don't want to do the plan either online or face to face, there is a postal service available which sends you all the tools on paper as well as providing telephone support to UK members (you can do the postal plan from outside the UK though it's more expensive).

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